Crashing Eden is out!




I’m pleased to announce that the e-book releases today. The paperback will soon be available as well.

Like most novels, this one has its flaws. Like most works of art, the finished product pales in comparison to the original vision.

Still, I’m genuinely happy with the book and feel proud to have written it.

I’d like to be one of those authors who ignores reviews, but I’m incapable of such restraint. Reading negative reviews can be tough, of course, but I take comfort in noting that all my favorite novels have plenty of 1-star reviews on Amazon.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to feedback from followers of this blog. And I’m looking forward to starting a new project!


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  1. Mary H Collins
    May 01, 2012 @ 07:40:56

    Good luck with your new novel Michael. And yes those negative reviews are hard to take. I’ve had some that insulted the book from the beginning but took time to read it to the end. If I dislike a book that much I don’t finish reading it. However, I’ve gotten a little tougher skin than I did in the beginning.


  2. Penny Estelle
    May 01, 2012 @ 08:59:59

    YEA….Very exciting Michael. Your cover is awesome!


  3. Pam Calvert
    May 01, 2012 @ 17:52:11

    Congratulations, Michael and good luck with it! And yeah, I’ve gotten plenty of 1 stars on amazon along with five stars. You can’t please everyone!!! 🙂


  4. Mirka Breen
    May 02, 2012 @ 09:48:16

    Hooray, Michael- Happy Birthday to Crashing Eden!
    (If you have gotten negative reviews *already,* this book will make waves. That’s a better way to think about it…)


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