Crashing Eden Script in Semi-Finals!





Charles Disney’s TV pilot based on my novel, Crashing Eden, has made it to the semi-finals of the Pilot Launch TV Script Contest. Charles initially wrote a movie script based on the novel, but decided he had too much material. So he switched gears and wrote a TV pilot, and then submitted it to the Pilot Launch TV Script Contest.  The winner of the contest receives $1,000 cash, professional consultation with the ScreenCraft team, and personal introductions by phone to top Hollywood managers, agents, and producers.



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God Condemns Crashing Eden



In a rare interview on Good Morning America, God denounced my YA novel, Crashing Eden, as “blasphemous rubbish.”

With His face blurred and His voice artificially altered, God proclaimed, “This book will corrupt young minds with its irreverent tone, sacrilegious content, and contemptuous portrayal of Me. It ought to be banned from schools, libraries, and any remaining bookstores.” God also criticized the story’s uneven pacing and weak character development.

Likening the novel to The Last Temptation of Christ and The Da Vinci Code, the Lord declared that “Crashing Eden distorts history and makes a mockery of sacred texts.” Asked about his one-star rating of the book, God replied that He would have given the book zero stars “if that was permitted by Amazon.”



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Crashing Eden Giveaway


I am giving away two free copies of Crashing Eden. Enter to win at Goodreads, where the contest runs from today through June 8th. Open to anyone from the U.S. or Canada.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Crashing Eden by Michael Sussman

Crashing Eden

by Michael Sussman

Giveaway ends June 08, 2012.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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Crashing Eden is now in Paperback




I’m happy to announce that my novel, Crashing Eden, is now out in paperback. It’s available at Solstice Publishing and at Amazon, where it has garnered several 5-star reviews.

I’ve also been busy doing interviews on various book blogs, including Nicki J. Markus, I Am a Reader Not a Writer, and Books R Us.

I’m grateful to those generous bloggers and invite others who might be interested in doing a review, interview, and/or giveaway to contact me.

And any filmmakers who might be interested in making the novel into a movie can access my dreamworld via this portal. 😉


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Crashing Eden is out!




I’m pleased to announce that the e-book releases today. The paperback will soon be available as well.

Like most novels, this one has its flaws. Like most works of art, the finished product pales in comparison to the original vision.

Still, I’m genuinely happy with the book and feel proud to have written it.

I’d like to be one of those authors who ignores reviews, but I’m incapable of such restraint. Reading negative reviews can be tough, of course, but I take comfort in noting that all my favorite novels have plenty of 1-star reviews on Amazon.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to feedback from followers of this blog. And I’m looking forward to starting a new project!


Cover Reveal!

The front cover of my soon-to-be-published novel has arrived. Pretty cool, no?

I’d love to hear any feedback, especially about the lettering (which can still be altered.)

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